The Tasks Involved in a Piano Moving Project

Hiring a Piano Moving Company vs. Doing the Job Yourself

Moving a piano is definitely an elaborate task. First of all, you should know that they are not only heavy, but also very complex. Thousands of pieces are assembled and adjusted by professionals to form a piano. Misplacing or damaging even the smallest component can lead to a malfunctioning piano. So, in order to make sure you don’t create any damage to your instrument, we highly recommend you hire a professional piano moving service provider.

The Right Equipment
The first benefit of hiring a professional for moving your piano is that they use the proper equipment for the task. Heavy-duty straps and a special dolly are the minimum of equipment a contractor must have in order to move your piano safely.

In order to make sure the piano will not suffer any damage during the moving process, the mover must use a special wrapping material, specifically designed for such purposes. One of the biggest mistakes when wrapping a piano is using tape. This will definitely damage the wood surface.

There are two options for moving a piano. Either to take it out through the door or to lower it down through the window. Your piano moving company must decide which option suits you better. Once in the truck, the piano must be fastened properly so that it won’t move at all during transportation.

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